L&G it is such a pleasure to introduce to you the Tecar Therapy

L&G it is such a pleasure to introduce to you the Tecar Therapy

Here I am!
I have the responsibility to have participated decisively in the diffusion of Tecartherapy.

I want to help you, and I’ll tell you: It is time to stop taking shit!

Do you have a Tecar “at home” and are you looking for information that will help you better drive your “fireball”?

You searched all forums.

I bet that in no blog of any guru did you find the technical-scientific info you need to use your Tecar and optimize the results.

You attended one of those courses for those who sold you the device.

Was the reception buffet abundant and mouth-watering?

Was the “mattress presenter” a phantasmagoric physiotherapist with a thousand and one-night Curriculum Vitae?

Did they present him as Lady Gaga’s “physio”?

They taught you how to turn on the Tecar, move the electrodes up and down, one at a time (I recommend: one at a time) then they described it as “the miracle device.”

Have you been sold a device that is a condensate of technological innovation?

Did you enjoy the show?

You have probably attended one of the many courses that are used as a “smokescreen”.
You have been a spectator of an event that looks more like a firework show than a training event.

The story is this:

Nowhere can you find the indications that can guide you according to the scientific criteria dictated by the experimental works.

You have to think that some have been going on for thirty years.

Why can’t you find them?

Today on the web, you will not find any useful information to do your Tecar work.

At its maximum, no statistically valid experimentation, no tutorial that can guide you to the correct use of Tecartherapy applied to your patient’s pathology.

So the options are 2:

Before: The device for doing Tecartherapy is so miraculous that there is no need to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Second: For some unknown reason, it is suitable for everyone to use the device to do Tecartherapy as it is served to us.
On the web you can find only blogs of the companies that sell the Tecar on duty and some demeaning video-tutorials on youtube.

In fact, they are only commercial or promotional info.

In short, you will find information far from satisfactory for those looking for a serious study: nothing to do with reality or with science.

There is no one around, but I repeat no one who discusses, presents and shares his practical experience, evidence for error/efficacy, or higher scientific basis, no analysis that is true or verifiable.

All therapists work with their heads down like pack animals, driven by ambition and passion, excited by trends and fashions, pushed towards the most challenging and delicate cases.

Physiotherapists are in the hands of the manufacturers of electromedical equipment. They are so immersed in their art that they do not even realize that they are strongly conditioned in their therapeutic choices.

And do you know why you don’t even notice it?

Because you too are, like everyone else, a victim of unbridled marketing that has been scientifically studied at the table.

If you do not go into the information you are given enough, you will remain in the wind.

And do you know why you like it so?

Because you have no time to waste and none of us has any. Nobody wants to waste energy.

And so you too fall into the simple mechanism that reads:
“If he said he is a luminary! …”
“If the staff of the World Champions uses it! …”
“… then it necessarily works.”

And when you think with this mental pattern you are comfortable, you do not make any effort, and you do not have to choose, you do not have to commit yourself or export.

And that’s okay with you. Feel comfortable if you like.

My message is for those like you who have read this far and have a small energy reserve.

I turn to you who you want to put into play, and you are curious, and you feel teased:

“Read on and find out my solution.”

Stop for a moment, and you will see that if you get involved and take some time to get to know the history and origins of Tecartherapy, you will be able to acquire practical skills and not just notions.

I want to help you organize your work around this fascinating tool called Tecartherapy.
I am ready to share with you my 15 years of analysis, observation and study of the Indiba device.

I can assure you that no one has ever done a job of observing and verifying the application protocols that I have ready for you today.
I want to involve you in this process of knowledge and learning of a system that works.

We are already many, and if we are even more aware of what I have discovered over the years, our world will be a better place.

You can be part of this process which has as its final objective to make your own a series of knowledge, skills and abilities that will be useful to you in understanding how to obtain optimal results from the use of Tecartherapy.

Every day your job is to take responsibility for helping people.

Quite right?

Then I am sure that you will also have the courage to ask yourself about the topics that interest your patients.
You will be able to give better, the most updated, the most modern and the most effective assistance when you want to use Tecar therapy.

Today, it is recognized by all that our work involves continuous training: You have to learn how to make the right choices, acknowledging that there is a right.

This argument deserves respect because it can render a service to health that must necessarily pass from a process of scientific validation and diffusion much more severe than what exists today.

I want to divulge the history of the application of the radiofrequency by contact that everyone calls Tecartherapy in the broadest possible way.

I want all therapists who have “in hand” a tool that says to do a Tecartherapy to fully understand what they are doing.

If I manage to interest people like you who are reading, it will mean that culture, professional curiosity and ethics can still have a future.

The more we manage to “deal” with the topic, the more the possibility of creating interest in the scientific world will increase.

I would love to involve as many people as possible in the name of science by allowing this process to start, accelerate and increase its scientific value.

Follow me: Many protocols await you to test, procedures, ideas and practical tests that want to be verified by those who wish to join my project.

500 discussion contents, 1000 treatment reports, 100 teaching exercises are ready for you.

I collected and organized my work which has already helped the professionals in the sector who have me.

Known and have participated in more than a thousand training courses that I have held for the past 15 years.

Leave me your email if you want your application to be part of the first independent experiment group in the world “Tecar Study Group” which will aim to study for the validation of Tecar therapy.

Write to vincelancini@gmail.com

I leave you an interesting link of a scientific information blog called “Movimento Meccanico” and where you can find a very in-depth discussion about the scarcity of the scientific evidence of Tecartherapy.





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Vincenzo Lancini

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