From hyperthermia to athermia. What ditzy electromedical devices

From hyperthermia to athermia. What ditzy electromedical devices


From hyperthermia to athermia.

Tecar: do you drive it safely or roll the dice every time?

Can you drive your car or go around pushing it?

The Biological Effects of Tecar

I have read many articles, the bibliography concerning the Tecar is complex, Machiavellian, and if you do not know the story, it is challenging to compose the complete picture of the experimentation in progress.

I am sifting through the literature concerning the application of hyperthermia as a tool I found necessary biology studies that describe the functioning of cellular metabolism and its rules and how it can vary through external stimulation.

It is from there that the references take to describe the effects of Tecar therapy in physiological tissues, given that the Tecar therapy which was known as CRet System (Capacitive Resistive Electrotherapy) described in the literature as a new tool to induce hyperthermia in the body.

Even today, studies on Tecartherapy (CRet system) are published by the “Journal of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology, North American Hyperthermia Group.”

Below is the link of the 2017 study by Tashiro et coll. which investigates the effect of Tecartherapy (CRet System) on the saturation of haemoglobin and the increase in temperature of the treated part.


The most exciting aspect is that study have wondered if there is a difference between the application of a widespread traditional custom which is the Hot Pack, that is the application of warm wet cloths on the painful area.

It is a study of comparison, there are very few of them, and it is a way of investigating the therapeutic value of a method that is not very widespread because the comparison always brings discomfort.

I advise you to read a comparative study: Binoy Kumaran describes the application of 448 kHz radiofrequency stimulation.

In this study, Tecartherapy compared to PSWT (pulsed shortwave therapy) electrotherapy in vogue in the UK.

In this study, Tecartherapy compared for the first time with another electrotherapy.

Below I attach the link to the abstract:


Here you can see how during the years 2005-2006, I put the TEF, the Table of Biological Effects, which is today a fundamental tool that responds to the need for specific and precise control of a Tecartherapy session.

With the TEF, you have explicit references and thus become able to instantly, second by second, vary the application of therapy on the tissues to be treated.

You can consider this table an operating manual that connects the set of physiological reactions of the body that the radiofrequency generator tool can stimulate, or better, accelerate.

The TEF guides you and helps you understand how to calibrate the power output produced by your Tecar, the chances of a useful result increase and decrease the undesirable side effects:

It is a tool that gives you confidence in results and encourages you to work better.

You can find an extract of TEF regarding the application of athermia.

The operational levels described by the column on the far right of the table are the numerical description of the sensation of the temperature that the patient reports.

Learn to decipher them and “guide” them, and you have operational possibilities in your hands that reduce the inflammatory expression in all its expressions.

Once, to get the miraculous results that the athermic application of the Tecar can give you, the potentiometer of my Tecar was just a black wheel with 10 numbers drawn around it.

I had to gently and slowly rest my fingers and move the potentiometer like a professional thief to decipher the combination of a vault safe in a bank.

It was enough to move the potentiometer half a degree further back, or half a degree later, and the result of the application on an acute patient could give wholly different or undesirable results.

In 2008 the most modern Tecar devices arrived and the story changed.

In 2010, at the Zucchi Clinic in Monza, a survey was conducted which served to certify the usefulness of the treatment of Tecarterapia in the immediate post-surgical intervention of the hip prosthesis.

Treatment with Tecar has proved to be useful in the fastest recovery in the rehabilitation process.

I’ve prepared a couple of links that I invite you to read to learn more:

The first is interesting because it describes the mechanism of the effect of the application of hyperthermia: helped me a lot.


The second is the abstract of the Zucchi Clinic survey in Monza:


In the coming months, I am engaged in a Tour of presentation of the project Blog e Community with the itinerant event I called:

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