Ronaldo injury: recover in the pool with Tecartherapy

Ronaldo injury: recover in the pool with Tecartherapy

Ronaldo injury: recover in the pool with Tecartherapy

Finally also CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo, the best football player in the world, as treated by Tecartherapy.

If missed it, here is the article in the newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport – “The Rose”:


From 1999 appears in the world of sports physiotherapy an electromedical instrument called “Tecar” also called “Tecar therapy” which promises miracles.

He imports it to Italy, from the Spanish manufacturer Indiba, an enlightened entrepreneur who is also a marketing genius who immediately establishes a very high selling price. The instrument thus ends up in the right hands, and in a short time, its value becomes very important, and the physiotherapy market goes crazy.

I want to tell you an exciting anecdote:

on the wall, behind the desk of the Tecar seller, there is written the mission: “a Tecar, a Therapist”.

It means that the business objective of this gentleman is to be able to sell a “Tecar” to every therapist in the world, and it does not matter how long, because he has promised to make it and I secure you that he is doing it.

Particularly in Italy since 2007, we move from just one Tecar importing company to many other companies that, instead, produce and sell alleged “Tecartherapy” devices.

Given this phenomenal spread, a company tried to register the marks to make them for its exclusive use, but it was already too late: the law replied that it was not possible, as the spread was already so widespread that the doctors’ books already they named.

So, everyone, today can use the Tecar and Tecarterapia brands and you too if you want to build and sell one:

you can do it!

All sellers thank the genius of the communication that created the need:

The need to work with “Tecar”.

It seems that today no therapist can work without this electro-medical device, everyone wants to because it is saying that the therapists of the sports champions use it and those who do not have it feel a loser and try to fill the gap.

Have you ever seen the videos of Usain Bolt massaged with … “a “Tecar”?

As you have already understood, the way of “Tecar” has broken out, and so they go on the wagon of success, navigating the high wave of the moment, a whole series of “companies”:

Here’s what happens:

Information becomes misinformation due to the competition between the manufacturing companies that copy the “modus operandi” of the training courses that guarantee the therapist to learn to use the “Mouseketool” he bought.

It generates crazy confusion and today nobody understands anything.

However, it does not matter, because the marketing expert has now permanently eroded the therapists’ emotions and nobody cares if the instrument they are buying works: the important thing is that “Tecar” should do because Usain Bolt “does Tecar “.

I want to put at your service what, unfortunately, or fortunately, I have matured over many years of fieldwork, including marketing experts, biologist scientists, doctors and psychologists at the service of selling companies.

So I ask you to stop for a moment and think about this:

at the end of the article, you have a clear idea of ​​what happened in the physiotherapy market in 20 years, and from now, if you feel like reading more, you understand that maybe you fucked up to buy that innovative “iron” that they have sold as a deal.

… However, if you continue to read until the end, you have the weapons to defend yourself from the charlatans who populate this world.

Can you feel it?

I help you to better understand the phenomenon of the excessive spreading of the “Tecar, and when the awareness takes hold of your spirit”, you find yourself in trouble because it could be that the black patina that you have before your eyes fades away.

At that point, the weight of your responsibilities could assail you, and your “Tecar” therapy device end up in a dustbin.

I want to explain to you how to orient yourself.

Here is what is essential to know:

  • “Tecar” and “Tecarterapia” which have been registered trademarks, today can be used by anyone who wants to use it and is no longer exclusive.


  • The historic Italian distributor who “invented everything” is now no longer sells the instrument that initially imported into Italy from Spain, but sells another.


  • Yesterday, as today, the only instrument that is the protagonist of the real story was only one: the cellular regenerator of Indiba born from a genius of electrophysiology Dr Calbèt and sold in Italy with the name “Tecar”, then “Tecarterapia”.

What does all this mean?

I summarize it in a few words:

Canons of scientific experimentation.


There is only one instrument in the world that has tested according to these canons, and it is the tool that was born in Spain 35 years ago that we now know as “Indiba Activ Tecarterapia forever”.

All, I repeat, all the other tools that they say they do Tecartherapy never have, be careful, I never repeat, supported a shred of scientific procedure that can validate their effectiveness.

Are you wondering how it is possible to sell such blunderbuss?

Honestly, I do not have the answer to this question.

I can only guess the legislation that regulates marketing in this field is very sketchy and superficial.

I tell you more:

Over the years, out of passion, curiosity, and then for work, I have personally tested the main “irons” and not I understand how they can sell, but worse, how they can buy.

So wake up!

Think in a modern way and accept advice:

study the principles of Evidence-based Medicine and strengthen your skills that be useful to distinguish the true from the false and the good from the evil.

Meditate people. Meditate.

If you want to learn more, you can download the sentence that defined the indefensible brands here:


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