Vincenzo Lancini’s Interview – First episode

Vincenzo Lancini’s Interview – First episode


They call him: “The wizard” of the Tecar


The self-interview was a recognized neologism in 2008.

The self-interview, (which written all attached) has served me as a tool to shed light and order in an ocean of events that I have experienced, which I have clearly in my mind but which I do not they are easy to tell.

In 2016 I started thinking about how to start a synthesis work that could be the basis to increase the value of the complex topic called Tecar therapy.

I wondered where I could start, why do it, how to put together, and what goal to pursue. I needed to practice to learn how to write, write an editorial plan, tell the values ​​in the field, describe the road I was going to build and which direction I chose to take.

With enormous effort, I entrusted myself to the guidance of Silvia, an experienced professional writer who followed me with so much patience for “a year”.

Following you can read the first 12 questions with respective answers, written a couple of years ago and they are the first of fifty altogether. In the next pointers, you can read the remaining ones.

I hope they can be a source of reflection and maybe (sorry for the presumption) also of inspiration.

Enjoy the reading


  1. D. How did you get to know Tecartherapy?

      R. I had finished my three years of experience as an assistant coach with the “Rosa e Associati Group” working well known Kenyan athletes.
I had left them under the guidance of my great friend, colleague, partner, Claudio Berardelli.
One day, Claudio called me on the phone and told me: “You have to look for in-depth information on the instrument called “Tecar”.
We are using it. I have seen applications and crazy results with the Kenyan marathoners.”

I started to learn about the Indiba device. It was already in sale in Italy (known as “Tecar”) at the end of the 1990s through the Unibell distributor.
I called on the phone the Unibell company. I made a call to Unibell’s owner, Mario Scerri and as “Buzz Lightyears” usually say: “Go to infinity and beyond!”


2. When did you learn of the existence of “Tecarterhapy” device?

      R.I have been a user, experimenter and developer of the Indiba tool while working on achieving and delivering the maximum applicability of the device in the last 15 years. In Italy, a long time ago most people used to call it “Tecar”.


3.   D. Moreover, what was your first approach?

      R. It was an approach to tell: R&A warehouse – Nike facilities.
At 9 pm every night, Claudio and I would meet.
I used to bring the guinea pig to treated.
The guinea pig happened to be a man who was named Luca “il Gatto”, he is a powerful local climber.

Our notion was fundamental, and it based on the news which we gathered from the headlines of leading magazines.
So, between the piles of running shoes boxes and cartons of material for the group’s athletes, we would go on with our experiments, every night until late hours, we did this for quite a long time.

Unlike the incredible Hulk, our cimber never became green and more muscular than he already was.

However, he started to report beneficial effects on his ability to recover from fatigue after his daily training sessions.


4.  D. So you did not start as a trainee or practicing in a classic physiotherapy studio?

      R. No. None of the two.
I started to practice in great secrecy, without the knowledge of the parties, that is, Dr. Rosa and Unibell distributors.
In short, everything was done underground, in a garage which intended for storage.

In that historical moment, if they had discovered me, I would not dare think about how it would have ended.


5.  D. How was it possible to develop all the various applications we know today?

     R. With lots, lots and lots of practice.
Practice means observation, which translates into 10 hours of daily use, data collection and reports writing for each treatment.
“Always in the field, always on the clock.”
Also, after a few thousand treatments, I began to notice a repeatable phenomenon with procedures that could gradually be coded.

I consider the clinical practice to be the secret of the development of “Tecar” application technique, a process that has not yet stopped.

I then started to bring order and priority to the observed phenomenon, and I soon realized that no one understood what happened when applying “Tecar” or Indiba (in any way you want to call that) to a person’s body.


6.  D. Does this mean, you a genius then?

      R. No, absolutely no.
I gave lessons, and those who used to be informants also gave me information.
I taught people how to use “the Tecar” on behalf of the Unibell company, distributor in Italy of Indiba, a Spanish factory that produces the instrument from where all this “wind-mill” started.

I learned the job and then, a little later, having arrived at a certain point of this journey, things weren’t quite adding up, and I wanted to check them out.


7.  D. To make a difference, then you don’t need to be a genius?

      R. The famous Italian moviemaker Monicelli asked himself:

“What is a genius?
… it’s fantasy, intuition, eye-catcher and speed of execution. “

So if we go back to Monicelli: Maybe, yes I am.

To make a difference, I did a job where you had to be brilliant.

For example: lurking in the Hall of a Hotel to wait for the running Champions who returned from athletics events at 3 am and they could not sleep because of adrenaline and jet lag.

It was then that the plan started: Athletes presenting themselves, and I would offer them an immediate solution to the pain for the ankle sprain that he or she had just suffered in the race.

However, to make a difference, you need to study, be very curious and learn as much as possible about any information.
Always, I have the antennas oriented in the right direction.
I always had confidence and instinct in the right direction.
I developed an excellent analytical capacity based on the spirit of observation, desire, and courage to experiment myself.
Finally, I was well trained to expose myself to risks.

I am famous because when I play them, it gets tough.

In short, I am not afraid to take the field and expose myself in stressful situations.

Instead, the more complex the situation, the more I express myself.
Last, but not least, only in the order of declaration, I want to remind everyone that you need to develop the ability to retrace your steps and recognize your mistakes when you have made choices that turned out to be wrong.

Because if not you’ll go and finish banging the nose on the wall and I slammed it many times!


8.  D. So can you tell us episodes where you made the difference?

     R. The difference made at crucial moments. During accidental and unexpected events. Improvisation is the indispensable tool to succeed when most of the characters that do my job pull back or freeze.

Improvisation is the impromptu manifestation of talent and preparation.

I have them both today.

Like when Paolo Tiraboschi, a character who takes care of the professional athletes of cycling and the world of skiing at the same time, asked me to help Fabio Santus, a promising champion of Nordic skiing who had damaged the ligaments of an ankle, running in the mountains during the summer in preparation for the 2006 Turin Olympics. Here, on that occasion, I exposed myself. And not a little.


9.  D. So can you tell the episode with cross country skier Fabio Santus in detail?

      R. The legendary Paolo Tiraboschi “Tira” always finds a solution to problems of any kind that the Professional athletes that he follows can have.
Now “Tira” works for Salice Occhiali).

Then, he had asked the Unibell company to assist an athlete who could do very well at the 2006 Turin Olympics, but unfortunately, he left to himself plastered at home, while the national team went for a month’s training in the United States.

“Tira” wanted to do more for Fabio Santus and knows that “Tecar” can help speed up recovery times and improve post-injury repair processes.

So the Unibell company sent their “product specialist” for a couple of days to Fabio Santus and so this is how I entered the field myself.
I remember well. It was the 2nd of August of 2005. By then, they were all on vacation.

Instead of a two days intervention, my assistance went on for 15 days.

The interesting fact of the story is that I took the responsibility of continuing the work in agreement with the athlete and without everyone’s knowledge. I was learning for the first time how to expose myself, take risks, do my own thing; it can be very profitable in terms of achieving therapeutic goals.
When the technicians of the Nordic national ski team returned, Fabio Santus appeared without plaster, and indeed jumped and ran, I was called to give some explanation, called into question on several fronts and by multiple figures.
What followed was no praise or gratitude from everyone. Rather. I had to give explanations right and left, of why and how that happened.

I started to develop a tough skin.


10.  D.What exactly is your job, or what was it, when you talk about consulting for the Indiba manufacturing company?

       R. Good question! The envious ones in the past have indicated me as the seller for “Tecar device”.

The reality is quite different.
When I started my job with Unibell society, the idea about my role was not clear to anyone, neither them nor me: so, I invented my role, and from there, things took a precise, innovative and sparkling direction. Very sparkling.


11.  D. Then you were the scientific informant for the company seller?

     R. No. I wasn’t.
I have always been a technician, but my earlier role could be confused.
I went to visit the sports teams for the Unibell company, to make sure of the correct use of the instrument known at that time as “Tecar”.

Then I gave a particular focus to my work, reading the sports newspaper “Gazzetta Dello Sport”.


12.  D. Can you tell us what you have done that is so innovative?

      R. Well, I invented a new work procedure that did not exist.
I made up my mind to read the newspaper “Gazzetta Dello Sport” every morning. Unibell company paid me to read the “Gazzetta Dello Sport”.
An innovative and fun way to work invented, so this is how I started my interpretation of “the Tecar expert”.

To be continued…

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