Tecar sTCz Emotion #weareallinventorsoftecar

Tecar sTCz Emotion #weareallinventorsoftecar



sTCz Emotion



Is advertising the soul of commerce?

I wonder what kind of soul we are talking about when someone allows himself to proclaim himself the inventor of the Tecar when it is not at all.

So doing the verses to the marketing fanatics who have a sick soul and do not distinguish good from evil is my way to go against!


I will explain it to you in this article.


I linked quite a bit to other items of the Blog because if you like, you can read more.

CLICK on the blue words and let a true world, that of the history of Tecartherapy, will open.

Nell’ultimo periodo sono stato un pò in giro per fiere e congressi. 

In the last period, I was a bit around for fairs and congresses.
I walked among the stalls of the companies that sell the various Tecar machines, many, I sat in conference halls where it is only the name that defines them as such because the scientific level of the Tecar topic I heard is outrageous. And not only in Italy.

In 2019, everyone is still focused on riding that phenomenal wave that is the trade-in Tecartherapy.


Question 1: Aren’t you tired of selling crap?
The answer is simple: no.
If the request continues to exist, the sale will continue to exist.

Question 2: why does the request continue to exist?
This time the answer is not at all simple:
I try to summarize some factors that underlie the phenomenon.

  • Low training level:
          • Physiotherapists not prepared for the jungle “out there.”
  • High communication level:
          • Successful advertising campaigns

          • The exasperated Branding

The success of production or industrial process is the result of people’s work: behind a machine, there is a group of men who have worked with passion and dedication, united by a vision, educated on an idea and guided by leaders.
If the average performance value of people in the field is high, the company will succeed.

Then there is someone who comes out, and he is proclaimed himself the inventor of Tecar.

He is elected because his specialty is to put smoke in his customers’ eyes to maximize the communicative action, to always take advantage of the emotion that triggers the reactions behind the behavior The average therapist’s purchase and you’re done.

When you’re good at emotional marketing, you can capture people:
no one cares anymore if you are really the inventor of the Tecar, because people need to be excited and really want it!

It doesn’t matter if your values ​​are only enrichment, recognition, position, power because if you have emotions, you have them as puppets.

Excited and rationality stands aside, the critical capacity is lacking, and even morality falls asleep.
If you then come to bombard people with such acronyms:

TAE – Tecar Activ Emotion
WTC – Winning Tecar Cup
STCZ – Tecar sticazz

with confusion, you sell better

I firmly believe that something must be done to stop the destruction that is taking place in the world of physiotherapy when it comes to Tecartherapy.

I have sent my Blog, I want to tell and excuse the presumption, teach operators what therapeutic results can be achieved and how. I work every day to build evidence that may one day help create a solid scientific base.

A couple of weeks ago, I launched the Tecar Practice Lab. Take a look at the link below.



t was an exciting and constructive experience for everyone.
This was the first of a tour of events that will see me busy over the next few months throughout the following year.

Follow me in the Blog, on social media and around Italy.

Today I want to do a simple action, launch some hashtags:



The game is nice!
If you are a therapist, or if you are a patient, or if you are a client undergoing Tecartherapy:

I invite you to take a selfie with the Tecar you use (no matter what brand) and then post it on Facebook and on Instagram with one or all of the # I showed you.

We keep in touch!


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