Ladies and gentlemen: ATHERMIA

Ladies and gentlemen: ATHERMIA

Ladies and gentlemen: ATHERMIA

that does not transmit heat: no thermal.

Managing radiofrequency at sub-thermal doses.

Who sells it has made a war of terms and who uses it has not yet understood what it is.

The physiotherapist knows that when we talk about movement as medicine, the technique of performing the administered therapeutic exercise is fundamental.

When the Physiotherapist talks about physical therapy, specifically about Tecartherapy applied in sub-thermal doses, do you know what is fundamental?

The answer is no.

I discovered this reality in a large room full of physiotherapists.

Stop for a moment though, and go back to reading the title of this article:

You find the characteristics of something “cool”, trendy, in short, successful. There is a description of a practice that if you don’t have it, you are a second-tier Tecarterapist.

But how cool is it today to say that I, the Tecarterapist, “do the Athermia”?

The answer is: “so cool”.

I understood it only a short time ago, immersing myself in a meeting of physiotherapists, many operators who were arguing in sometimes hasty terms, that they, with their machine, declared: “we do Athermia”.
I fell from the clouds. I didn’t expect it and very surprised by this discussion that seemed to be aseptic, meaningless or better argued in a completely misleading way.
I wondered:
  • What are they saying?
  • And above all: why?
  • What do they mean when they say “I do Athermia?”
I understood that this discussion was “without foundation” by taking the floor and asking the audience some questions:
  • What do you mean by Athermia?
  • How do you identify work at athermal level?
  • What tools do you have in Tecarterapia?
  • Can you measure this Athermia?
  • In what terms do you describe the successes of the application of Tecar applied in athermal conditions?
  • What experimental bases do you refer?

But let’s stop for a moment.


It seemed to be in a movie:
General Massimo, reviewing the troops at the time of the battle, said: “At my signal unleash hell”!

I felt out of place because I am not General Massimo, and that was an assembly and not a battlefield.

Some physiotherapists got up from their seats and wanted to let others and especially me know that I had provoked them, that they knew well what they were saying.

I got the most colourful and meaningless answers I could hear.
I’ve heard of them all:

      • “If the Tecar does not heat, it operated in sub-term, but it is an untruth because, inside the biological tissues, the heat always increases.”

        “Athermic does not exist, and the Tecar, if it does not heat, does not work.”

        “If the Tecar does not heat, you are working in hypothermia.”

The people present continued to give piles of answers, comments and rumours that seemed to be in in a crowded market.

So I witnessed the creation of factions and a squabble that gradually condensed into the most stigmatizing question of a girl who defiantly asks me:

“But does your Tecar device make you feel tired?”

The situation I was witnessing was apocalyptic:

There were a large number of operators gathered by those who sold him the Tecartherapy machines and they were all in there asking the wrong questions, driven by the desire to be cool because they had the word “Athermia” in their mouth!

My question instead, almost trivial:

How was it possible?

Perhaps they had been drugged by some strange substance sprayed in the hall.

Had they undergone some direct and invasive surgery such as lobotomy?

The answer I give to these questions makes me sad:

They are all chosen.
They are victims of hammering actions of very effective communication campaigns that have poorly conditioned them in their choices, has “academicized” them by teaching them comfortable behavioural formats.

They abandoned themselves to being chosen and did not take the responsibility of choosing.
They let themselves lulled by flattering compliments and confidential winks of sales agents who then allowed themselves to make them uncomfortable by saying:

“You can’t work without Tecartherapy!”
… “You can’t get today.”
… “The greatest athletes of every sport use it.”
… “The most famous of sports therapists, the most advanced universities.”

The physiotherapists who were around me were sitting there, invited not to reason by agreeing to sit in the quiet feeling that does not imply reason.
If you stop and watch the scene, you can see 4 manual steps:
A. The market has identified a topic to ride:    Athermia.
B. The market has made trendy the application of Athermia with Tecar because an opinion-leader says that it can give you great therapeutic results.
C. The market induces operators in the ambition to be cool and “to do Athermia”.
D. The operator does not know what is actually “doing Athermia” but does not care because the seller reassured him about how to apply Athermia.
The process by which the physiotherapist buys physical therapy, in particular, devices for Tecar therapy is sophisticated.
The method to apply it, the participation in the Academy, “cocks and decks”, believe it or not, looks a lot like when a person relies on a fortune-teller who with reassuring self-confidence shows him the resolution of all his problems in water and salt intake on an empty stomach every morning at 5:15 am for a month.
I can help you understand.
What’s happening in the world of Tecarterapists since they talk about “Athermia”?
It happens that nobody delves into it, nobody reads scientific studies.
 Everyone trusts on the protagonists of a sick story, who with their high self-confidence convince the physiotherapists to sit in the room and enjoy the show.
In the coming months, I will in a Tour of presentation of the project Blog and Community with the itinerant event I called:
 “Tecar Practice Lab Experience”
Stay tuned, and if you want to leave your email on the “Tecar Practice Lab Experience” page, I can keep you informed.
I ask you one last effort:
Read the original studies by Prof. Ubeda of the University Ramon Y Cayal de Madrid. They help you understand the mechanisms of action involved in managing radiofrequency at sub-thermal doses (Athermia).
Below I have prepared the links for you.
Click on it and enjoy reading.
See you soon


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