Who has it bigger? … Tecartherapy!

Who has it bigger? … Tecartherapy!

Who has it bigger? … Tecartherapy!

From year to year the many competitors in the “Tecar” market, feature science fiction innovations, I mean: from science fiction movies!
The business processes of the competitors that produce “Tecar” tools are numerous.
I am going to list some interesting ones:
  • Imitation of product reconstruction.
  • Production of the copy with specific identification changes.
  • Presentation of own innovations.
  • Communication strategy study of the adversaries.
I want to point out that the list is missing:
Scientific experimentation.
I haven’t forgotten it, and I don’t think it’s necessary either. It’s just not done.
Moreover, that’s that.
Usually, here you enter a movie theatre to watch a horror movie:
I repeat that there is no scientific basis. However, none at all: but they say they do it!
I want to describe how a company that is born today to sell a “Tecar” is structured:
More levels of informers and salespeople created, distributors and agents, young people, business people and careerists.
We need successful and “studied” subjects of communication and marketing.
Those defined subjects represent the prototype: “would sell its mother for one euro”.
When you meet them, or instead they meet you, they tell you they have a new, innovative product to present to you.
They usually go on to tell you that it is a “born” instrument in collaboration with the American space agency NASA, while others grow up to have acquired the rights to an expired patent and thanks to having had access to secret laboratories for the military development of the Italian air force and now the new “Tecar” on duty be able to make you fly.
I describe the dynamics of a meeting with an “assault seller”: he tells you an exciting and mysterious story that will “attack” the archaic mechanisms of your brain by activating your curiosity and triggering the synaptic excitement of those brain areas that serve … to see what he wants.
Most commonly companies say they collaborate alongside university institutes that are testing their product, and without shame, they show you phantasmagorical studies that you never find indexed in any global database such as, one above all, PubMed.

Lately, then, some companies that sell “Tecartherapy” have succeeded in convincing University Institutes to take care of their instrument, and this is a subject worthy of another treatment that I address once again in detail.

Some time ago, I ran into a discussion with a sales manager of a well-known pharmaceutical company who wanted to offer me an anti-inflammatory cream that applied to the body using “Tecar”, promised miraculous effects on pain and oedema reduction.

There could also be, but then He boldly showed me the study in support of the idea that described to me.

The question is simple: Mr Commercial Director stated that this was the scientific study that demonstrated the effect of his cream.

It looked like a “candid camera” joke, but it wasn’t.

A publicly-traded pharmaceutical company relied on a page of A4-size paper written in Italian to describe a study that my 10-year-old son could have written at school for science research to take to the teacher the next day at school.

Those 2 sheets of A4 paper I keep them with love (because the bold manager also left them for me) and represent a milestone for me, an example of how some subjects take advantage of people’s ignorance of health:

Stories for children invented from scratch, and then they are called scientific studies!

What is the basic idea of those who want to sell the “Tecar”?

This: to excite the possible buyer who, as they say in marketing jargon, “should be kept warm”.

So it doesn’t matter if basically what you propose is a “crazy shit”, but the important thing is to leverage your emotion to “get you in” the charm of the product and let you perceive its supposedly high value.

You who are the customer, you must perceive all the immense value of the product that they tell you!

Moreover, then Taaacccc: when it got inside you, it’s done!

Keep reading because now I’m going to explain to you how to do 30,000 euros at a practical level. 

Tecar” is just a box with some dangling cables that twenty years ago didn’t want anyone!

However, what happened then?

The Brand has been successful!

They’re selling you a sticker. An empty box with a sticker that you love!

If you have a strong brand, you don’t need a “great product” to be able to have great success in selling, and even a box with a couple of cables can become fascinating.

Practically the recipe is the following:

It creates a beautiful name, the most beautiful possible, then it draws a graphic line that you scratch in the soul, then you add some bright colours that move your dormant consciousness of potential customer, and with beautiful packaging, aerodynamic shape created to the package.

Also, the “package” is ready!

Keep following me: I almost won you over. Soon I have sold you a “Tecar!”

Marketing inventiveness cannot be missing: the metaphor and the fairy tale!

We need a beautiful story full of emotion, and we take advantage of everything that can fascinate a person or a physiotherapist in our case.

The latest fashion for “Tecar” sellers is the combination of disability – sport.

Slowly, mysterious stories created that resemble legends that when you tell them you can not help but be amazed, sigh or hold your breath waiting for a final panic.

It’s not over.

We need an “Opinion Leader” in the sector, called KOL (Key Opinion Leader) because if you don’t use the acronym KOL, it’s not cool enough!

We are looking for a “physio” a little frustrated (much more than me) who have already achieved high goals in his profession. Need a “physio” that has ground in the world of professional sport, again because otherwise, it would not be pretty cool and then that someone must be willing to get paid well (will it be challenging to find it?) To bring the word of innovation around the world.

I was wrong. I apologize: it is not true that a “physiotherapist” is necessary.

The academic title does not count so much, nor does it have substantial experience with the medical device that has to present.

Instead, fundamentally, the subject identified by the company is tall and handsome, athletic and PPS (public speaking skilled), that is, very capable of speaking well in public, so that “he looks cool” because he has a significant but not immeasurable ego so that then people remember not only the image of the person but more importantly, that of the product.

Finally, we rely on a VIP testimonial: the ambassador of the product, the front-man, one to whom people look with admiration and who when he speaks listened. 

The screaming sportsman is a classic example of a witness who has experienced the benefit of a “Tecar” treatment on his skin.

The perfect prototype?

The Olympic champion. The selling company “Tecar” the “hook up”, “forages” it and “takes” it and spoils it, perhaps better to say that it hypnotizes the “Olympic man” with situations created ad hoc putting himself at his service to have the best image return.

It is studied, tried and repeated scheme that electromedical companies copy themselves in ways and schemes by systematically implementing their sales strategies.


A sticky film that all competitors of physiotherapy products follow and reproduce.

Companies use them for profit values of sport, its models and the dreams of its practitioners, supporters or merely those who aspire to be part of the game.

This “well-oiled mechanism” going on for many years. It carried around the world as “a theatre” by different companies with their actors, their puppets and their clowns.

Nothing scientific.

Alternatively, better: today companies have realized that the new lever to be successful is the word “scientific”, and they give their interpretation by inventing definitions and creating ad hoc disinformation, at their convenience.

Today all the companies that sell “Tecar” have started riding “the wave of scientificity”:

Some affirm and sell in the name of their scientific experience that has lasted for 25 years.

How to do it in Italy, at Naples, today we started to compete with those who show the oldest sign:

“Here scientific since 1980” – “Science at your service for 50 years.”

Slogans like these only say that the company has been on the sales market for a long time, but if we talk about science we are always at zero!

If you are wondering: do companies not invest in experimentation to create a strong scientific basis for the “Tecartherapy” product that is used to treat diseases in the health market?

The answer is no. The law DOES NOT require it.

Better: the law made for the development of the business and therefore “the equivalence principle” puts everyone in agreement: salesmen and legislators and many other figures like those who must supervise the needs of an electro-medical, so in this way, all those who want having allowed the CE marking is happy.

Ti ho presentato solo alcuni punti di come si costruisce una storia accattivante intorno ad un prodotto elettromedicale da vendere. Ce ne sono altri. Ma andrei troppo per le lunghe.

I presented you only a few points of how to build a captivating story around an electromedical product to sell. There are others. However, I’d go too long.

Generally, the people who come to me in a suit and tie for a sale make my hands itchy. Unfortunately, it is a conditioned reflex.

I feel a bit like Pavlov’s famous dogs.

When a well-combed person, in a suit and tie and who hears

“Blue di Chanel” asks me to hear, I feel an intense itch in my hands. I can not do anything about it.

The mind is incredible and warns us that when “you have entered into it too many times” she makes you feel it, and this is not good.

Did you know that a person wearing a tie has a better chance of reaching the sales goal of another person who comes in a T-shirt?

Did you know that many times a seller comes knocking at the door, and the more you raise the probability for him to be able to sell you his product?

I could give you a thousand other examples: marketing science has stacks of tomes of scientific studies to support it.

I am in love with “communication and marketing” because in the world of health it can be a handy tool to improve the essential condition of people, operators or users.

Unfortunately, there are “around” more and more “quacks” attracted by easy earnings that use marketing as a tool to carry on only their interests, often to reach an immediate sale and not at all reason to establish a relationship of trust with your client.

The ethical and cultural bases are more and more often lacking, because if you agree to sell a shitty electromedical instrument, or you are ignorant and do not know that it is shit, or you agree to sell it because you are interested in the prospect of gain that shit could give you.

You can’t be a good salesman, in the broad sense of the word: maybe you sell with decent or good success, but you remain “a shit seller”.

I know the comment of those who feel pulled up: business is business. “Anyway, in any case”.

When your hands get too rough, or you feel a sense of inadequacy or alertness in front of the barker on duty, listen to my advice.

If you accept the comparison with him:

      • Get ready and if you’re not yet prepared, take time to prepare yourself.
      • All that is not clear to you: have it explained – a question of clarity.
      • Ask questions and test your confidence in the answers.
        Write and take notes.
      • Write and take notes.
      • Check the information presented to you. Often on those glossy brochures, there is fake info.
      • Called to a universally accepted reference: if you do not find the reference in PubMed to what described to you, the level of the info you are giving is scarce. Indeed it should not be considered valid, nor accurate, let alone useful.
      • Find out and listen to other people who have had the same experience as you. Sharing the story can help you broaden your perspective.

I firmly believe that in the universe, there is an order that adjusts everything the right way, and I think it is not fundamental to decipher it. This way is how I rely on this principle, and I know that good is more magnificent than what we see every day always have the upper hand.

I know this because in my life, in my work, in the companies I have been dealing with for 20 years, I have been able to meet a kind, ethically correct, courageous people who know how to move by working even without necessarily appealing to the motto: Business is business.

Soon I want to introduce them because they deserve to be named, distinct from the mass I often refer.

Here, they are the demonstration that the universe works the right way.

Stay tuned!

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