Self-treatment: Professional deformation and desire to experiment

Self-treatment: Professional deformation and desire to experiment



Professional deformation and desire to experiment:

My ankle

I had a very strong ankle sprain.

It is one of the classics of physiotherapy, orthopaedics but also of tanning bones: in short, a Must!

I bet you often receive people sent by the doctor who comes to you for post-traumatic ankle sprains: the unfortunate patient who comes to you, didn’t see the step or the sidewalk, and maybe he stuck one foot in the hole on the street stumbling and falling.

However, it happened to you to have an ankle sprain once, to dislocate your joint. Surely you had to put the ice pack on the resulting swelling.

I want to tell you how I managed my ankle when “you” thought of “twisting” while I went down the stairs skipping three steps at a time, at the speed of light, prey to a cruel hunger after a long morning of work.

I have Tecartherapy device, and I don’t think about it for a moment: I intend to apply it and as soon as possible in self-treatment mode … get ready!

You ask yourself:

how is it possible?

The application of thermotherapy on an acute trauma?

Moreover, then … in self-treatment mode?

What does it mean?


Vado a spiegarti il nocciolo della questione: 

I’m going to explain the heart of the matter:

Tecartherapy is known as a highly dependent therapist, and this is a weak point.

It has been fed by the unbridled marketing of the producing companies that are blatantly wrong to want to sell a tool that adapts to the integrated development of combined methods and always organize right and own pyrotechnic shows presenting fascinating and amusing (I add) “formative cabarets” to the spectator to be asked during haunting “Training courses”.

I like it, and I want to call these sales meetings:

“Detraining courses.”

There you can find jugglers, dancers and acrobats and apply Tecartherapy while the Physiotherapist who acts as a patient is busy balancing on circus balls and performs juggling numbers with three, four but also five pins in a rehabilitation intervention plan for low back pain.

Imaginative and phantasmagoric integrating Tecar applications are invented with established physiotherapeutic techniques to increase the appeal and sell more. The result is always a distortion of the grotesque.

I want to remind you that I am talking about companies that, fundamental point, that is the point that comes before the “deformation courses”, sell Tecartherapy devices that have not scientifically tested.

Now, many years ago, I set myself the objective of demonstrating that Tecartherapy can work and be successful without having to have manipulative skills and controlling the increase in local temperature in an excellent, subtle and reasoned way.

I do it since back in 2008 for the umpteenth time during a workshop in the Indiba “Tecarteraphy” use since always, and I pointed out that my manual operation would have given a useful result even without the integration and application of “Tecar” on that patient whom I was treating.

The ankle makes me very sick (VAS 9), but I don’t apply ice, no compression, but in this instant, immediately, first of all, I use the radiofrequency that can rebalance cellular activity, regenerate tissues and drain fluids.

Do you want to know how I did it?

Why did I choose to apply electrotherapy that heats up in a moment of acute / very acute inflammation?

The answer is simple: because with Tecartherapy you can.

The results are apparent; indeed, I dare to say declarants.

My 15 years of empirical tests tell me, those that are called “fieldwork”, trying to compare different application approaches, trying to make the tests repeatable, creating thousands of them, analyzing them and getting their hands dirty ten hours a day six or even seven days a week.  

Self-treatment is a necessary experience for the therapist who wants to succeed in applying Tecartherapy.

What better opportunity to understand “what feels” and “what happens”, if not that of intervening immediately after a distortion trauma of one’s ankle that quickly swells to reach the size of a tennis ball and thus experience the sensation on oneself and the effects of the Tecar application.

I want to remind you that when I talk about the application of Tecartherapy in the immediate post-traumatic or immediate post-surgery, the space-time gates open up to a world different from the one you know.

Hold on tight: you are about to enter another dimension!

I am going to list the fundamental elements of the anamnesis, reminding you of my first intention: to intervene immediately with Tecartherapy in self-treatment mode and I take stock of the situation:

      • I have VAS9 vomiting pain.

      • The swelling is visible and looks like a tennis ball.

      • The movement zeroed, and I can’t even move my toes.

      • The local temperature is appreciably higher than the contralateral one.

      • One subcutaneous is bluish.

      • It is impossible for me to walk and do not talk about leaning my foot on it.

Here, I’ll describe below how I set up my strategic plan.

I call it strategic because it is the result of exact choices dictated by the context.

Clear needs and objectives:

  1. I have no time to devote myself too much to the care of my distorted ankle because I am in a working period where my agenda cries and overbooking is the fixed rule.
  2. I want an immediate and fast result, and mainly I want this pain that hits the head decreases as much as possible.
  3. I want to go back to supporting the foot “immediately” because I have to move to work: walking, driving and going up and down the stairs.
  4. My self-treatment protocol aims to test the concept “minimum effort and maximum result”: it must be fast, effective and easy to perform.


I can thus test 2 criticized aspects of “Tecar” that make it highly dependent therapist:

1. Variable and often too long application times.

2. Manual skill and free interpretation of the therapist in the use of the device.

I start by describing a final report that describes in retrospect how I dealt with the situation:

    • On Thursday, I suffered distortion trauma (VAS10), and the swelling that resembled a personal malleolus was the size of a tennis ball.
    • The next 2 nights (Thursday and Friday) I only slept at times due to excruciating pain in my ankle at the slightest movement in bed.
    • 3 days later, Sunday, I worked standing for 10 hours working as a speaker at a “master coach” of the Italian Gymnastics Federation on a cushioned floor.
    • Monday the pain improved markedly on waking (VAS3), but the pain trend H24 was still growing until it reached VAS9 in the evening after a full working day in charge, doing “Tecar” treatments in bed and personal training activities in the gym.

Continue reading, and then you find in the table the protocol that I applied in the first week after the trauma.

      • Number of treatments: 8

      • Mode: 35mm resistive

      • Application geometry: plate under the thigh against the side – supine position

      • Power: 55%

      • Related-measured temperature: 7

      • Treatment duration: from 10 minutes to 30 minutes

      • Periodization: bi-daily – daily – every other day

Given the severe and insistent pain of my ankle, which only improved for a few hours after the treatment with Tecartherapy, I concluded that something in the joint could be damaged.

A week later I was to take an X-ray that in fact, the report said a detachment from the plot, a bone fragment of the left peroneal malleolus has become detached … the whole is soon intact.


The advice of the orthopaedic doctor I addressed was:

    • Limit travel and rest for a week
    • Anti-inflammatory therapy
    • Keep the limb in the middle of the crutches for 2 weeks.
    • Use a brace to immobilize the ankle joint for a month.

At this point, like all the patients who work on their own and a lot, I dress as “good patient” who has an activity with a fair number of collaborators and open work situations in half the world …

Do you think I followed the directions of the orthopedist?

Of course not.

I gritted my teeth, I cancelled my sporting activity, of course, but I never stopped working, and I never changed my commitments, and I only transformed all my lunch breaks, for a month, into moments of rehabilitation of an hour and I put down my goals:

1. Ankle mobility recovery on all the articulated planes out of the load and then in load

2. Recruitment recovery and strength of the stabilizing muscles against resistance

3. Capsuloligamentous tropism recovery of the ankle joint: one foot stand static exercises.

4. Recovery of proprioception and management of balance: on foot stand exercises in primary instability.

5. Recovery of the complex and integrated knee and hip movements: squats, lifting, hip hinge, quadrupeds in movement

6. Functional recovery of the path – jump – run.

7. Endurance recovery and complex movements: climbing of steps, steps, climbing.

8. Recovery of high impact and high random component activities: trail running and Mountainbike downhill.

I must once again remind you that in the course of this rehabilitation process that I have just described, I have always integrated the application of 15 minutes of Tecartherapy in self-treatment mode that has helped me a great deal at every rehabilitation session in preparation for the rehabilitation exercise:

    1. Increasing the viscoelastic characteristics of the ligament capsule
    2. Decreasing the primary pain before starting the mobilization work
    3. Favouring metabolic processes and hyaluronic acid production (see Ubeda study)
    4. Draining oedema that tended to recur
    5. Relaxing the hypertonic muscles to protect the plantar fascia, peroneus longus and brevis and the rest of the periarticular muscles.

If you think I’m crazy, well, maybe you’re right, but.

One month after the trauma, the highlights of my experience were:

        • I never wore a brace or ankle support bandages

        • I have always been very active and focused on the situation.

        • I never held the limb in the exhaust.

        • I never applied ice

        • I aimed at cautious mobilization at reduced load, continuing many times a day.

I leave you with a slogan that does much teleshopping, but I like it a lot after a result like this:

With Tecartherapy, you can!

I remind you that the self-treatment mode has ONLY an experiential purpose reserved for the operator.

Self-treatment allows you to understand what kind of sensations you feel, wich reaction of your body and at what times, how the endogenous temperature develops, where and how, and what reactions are while you are applying Tecartherapy.

I still remind you that what you have read so far, what I have experienced about me, is valid and was possible only because I used the Tecartherapy device of INDIBA SA, the only instrument that has a basis, even a small, scientific one.

Nothing else matters.

It is absolutely forbidden thought of using this mode on patients because you exposed to unnecessary risks, potentially dangerous situations related to the management of the instrument’s parameters and last but not least you would be legally liable.

Remember then, that even if in the market there are tools to make Tecar therapy with automatic mode, do not be reminded to apply your “machine” in “automatic mode” by tying the resistive electrode, perhaps under the plantar foot!

I assure you that I have seen therapists do it and it’s not right! … YOU DON’T.

I want to receive impressions and feedback on how your self-treatment experience went. Try to follow the protocol that I have indicated to you on distorting results and let me know.

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